Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dealing with Demons - Part 2

Yesterday day we asked and answered several questions regarding the story in Mark 5:1-20 where Jesus deals with demons. Before reading the conclusion in today’s blog, be sure to first take time to read Mark 5:1-20 and to read yesterday’s blog entry.

What was the demon’s answer to Jesus’ question (v9)? His name was Legion due to many demons being in this man (Legion was the largest Roman army unit numbering between 3,000 and 6,000 soldiers)

What does this teach about demon possession (v9)? Demons often posses in numbers

What request does the demon make of Jesus (v7b)? He did not want Jesus to torture them, probably a reference to sending them to their final punishment (Luke 8:31)

What other request does the demon make of Jesus (v10)? They did not want to be sent into an unpopulated exile

What other request does the demon make of Jesus (v11-12)? The demons ask to enter a nearby heard of 2,000 pigs.

What did Jesus do (v13)? He gave the demons permission to enter the pigs

What happened to the pigs (v13)? The demons caused the pigs to stampede down a deep bank into the lake where they all drowned

What result did this have on the herdsmen (v13)? This was a costly financial loss

What did the herdsmen do (v14)? They reported these events in the city

What was the new condition of the man who had been possessed (v15)? The demoniac was sitting down, clothed, and in his right mind meaning he was rational

How did the people react to all of this (v16-17)? Perhaps fearing more economic loss or simply the unknown, they urge Jesus to leave

What did the former demoniac ask Jesus (v18)? The demoniac asked Jesus to accompany Him (the miracles of Jesus repelled some and attracted others)

How did Jesus answer the former demoniac (v19)? Jesus told him to go to his family and tell them what God had done (effective ministry begins at home)

What did the former demoniac do (v20)? The man told his family and many others in Decapolis (the 10 cities) resulting in those who heard being amazed

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