Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dealing with Demons - Part 1

We ended last Sundays sermon by seeing that demons are really fallen angels. So what else can we learn about demons? Over the next two days, let me make and answer some questions from one story in the Bible where Jesus deals with demons. Before you read any further in this blog, first grab your Bible and Read Mark 5:1-20.

Where do Jesus and the disciples arrive (v1-2)? Jesus and His disciples arrive on the east side of the Lake in a region mainly inhabited by Gentiles

Who does Jesus immediately encounter (v1-2)? Jesus immediately encounters a demon possessed man

Where did this man live (v1-2)? This man lived in the tombs which were cave like rooms cut out of the rocks of nearby hills

What else does Luke tell us about this man (Luke 8:27)? Luke records that he wore no clothes

What else does Matthew tell us about this man (Matthew 8:28-29)? Matthew records that there was another demoniac with him

How is this man’s strength described (v3-4)? He was uncontrollable and could not be subdued, even with chains (the word “bind” speaks of taming a wild animal)

What do we learn from these failed efforts (v3-4)? You can’t solve spiritual problems with physical solutions

What actions showed the suffering of this man (v5)? He screamed wildly day and night and cut himself with stones

What did the demon recognize about Jesus (v6-7a)? This demon was fully aware of Jesus’ nature and power

How is this recognition seen (v6-7a)? He knelt before Him (showing homage, not worship) and called Him the Son of the Most High God

What is unique about this term (v6-7a)? This term was used in the Old Testament by Gentiles to refer to the superiority of the God of Israel over all man-made gods (Genesis 14:18-24; Numbers 24:16; Isaiah 14:14; Daniel 3:26; 4:2)

What did Jesus ask this demon (v9)? Jesus asked this demon his name showing that Jesus knows the demons by name since they are really fallen angels. Be sure to read my blog tomorrow to find out the rest of the story

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