Friday, November 02, 2007

My Ideal POTUS

One year from this month we will be electing the next President of the United States (POTUS). So what candidate am I endorsing? I’m sure that introduction to this entry already has some readers nervous. After all, aren’t there some ridiculous interpretations of what the founding fathers meant by the term “separation of church and state” that make it illegal for me as a pastor to endorse a certain candidate?

I remember being a student at Liberty University during the second Reagan election. Of course, Dr Falwell had no problems speaking his thoughts on the political scene in America. I remember him saying many times, “I’m not telling you who to vote for. You can vote for the Ronald Reagan of your choice!”

Well, to be honest, as I look over the field of candidates on both the Republican and Democratic side, I honestly feel more of a passion about who I do NOT want to be President than I feel a passion for who I DO want to be the next leader of the free world.

So if I could find the ideal POTUS what would this person look like? The below list is not all-encompassing by any means because there are far more issues to consider than one single blog entry could describe, but here is a start.

To me, the ideal POTUS…

Would be a committed follower of Jesus Christ who spends time daily in prayer and in the Word of God, depending on the Lord for guidance and direction

Would be a person of high moral integrity who is deeply committed to their own marriage and family and who lives blamelessly according to the truths of Scripture

Would be honest in their words…someone who really believes what they say and who is driven by their own convictions rather than by the myriad of opinion polls

Would be uncompromisingly pro-life and pro-family and who would defend the unborn and the sanctity of marriage definign it as a legal union between one man and one woman

Would be committed to revamping the present tax code and lowering taxes

Would be strong on national defense with the courage to confront terrorism around the world so that we are less likely to confront it here at home

Would work in bi-partisan ways to find workable solutions to the many problems in our country including crime, immigration, education, energy, healthcare and social security

Would be pro-Israel, standing firmly as a friend of the state of Israel

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