Friday, November 30, 2007

A.I.M.: Angelic Instant Messengers

This Sunday is the first Sunday of December which propels us right into the heart of the Christmas season here at Grace Church. Throughout the five Sundays of December we will be studying the topic of angels in a series we are calling A.I.M.: Angelic Instant Messengers. Angels are very popular in our culture, but not near as much as they are during the holiday season. The truth is that most Americans get their facts about angels from Clarence in Christmas shows like, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” than they do from the Bible. So how much do you know about angels? How would you answer the following questions?

What is the meaning of the word “angel”?

How many books of the Bible mention angels?

How many New testament authors mention angels?

How many times are angels mentioned in the Bible?

Where did angels come from?

When did the creation of angels take place?

What are angels like?

Do angels have physical bodies?

Do angels have wings and halos?

How many angels are there?

Are there more angels today than when they were first created?

What do angels do?

What different types of angels are there?

How many angels are mentioned by name in Scripture?

Are demons also angels?

The first two Sundays of the month we will take aim at angels in general and answer all of the questions above plus more. The next two Sundays we will look specifically at the involvement of angels in the Christmas story. On the final Sunday of the month we will examine twelve ways that angels were involved in the earthly life of Christ. Join us at Grace for Sundays in December.

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