Thursday, November 16, 2006

The World I've Seen

I am very fortunate to have seen a lot of the world. I have been in 42 of the 50 states. But my travel has also taken me to several countries outside of the USA. Counting America, I have had the thrill of being in 12 different countries so far. Along with America these countries include:

Mexico: While at our Grace Brethren Adult Conference in San Diego, we went over the border into Mexico for a big evangelsitic rally.

Canada: Laura and I made it into Canada when we drove to Toronto for our Grace Brethren Conferecne that was being held there.

Spain: Laura and I took a group of our teens on a Missions Trip to Spain while I was a youth pastor at our Grace Brethren Church in West Milton, Ohio.

France: Three years after our Spain trip, Laura and I took an even bigger group of our teenagers from Ohio on a Missions trip to France.

South Korea: I had the privilige of speaking for a full week for a spiritual emphasis week for an English speaking Christian International School in Uijongbu. Laura went with me on this trip as did our son, Jonathan, who was just a baby at the time.

Cambodia: I was part of an installation team that took over and set up the first FM Christian Radio Station in the land of the Killing Fields.

Malaysia: On our trip to Cambodia, we had a one night layover in Malaysia. For the most part, all I saw was the inside of the airport and the inside of a hotel.

Japan: Also on our trip to Cambodia, I had about an hour in an airport in Japan.

Israel: Our most recent trip allowed us to spend 2 weeks in the Holy Land.

Jordan: While in Israel, we also spent 3 days in the country of Jordan.

England: On the way to and from Israel, we had a layover in London.

Of all the trips I have taken, none can even come close to comparing with the two weeks that I just returned from in Israel. I wrote 14 sepcial blogs during this trip detailing the highlights and my thoughts about these experiences. I will post these at times in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also kept a journal of all that we saw and my thoughts on each experience and how it impacted me. It is 19 pages long. I can’t vouch for it being 100% accurate in all the facts as so much was thrown at us in such a very short time. But if you are that bored and would like to read it I would gladly send it to you in an e-mail attachment. Simply send me an e-mail requesting it at

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