Monday, November 06, 2006

Ways to Get Involved at Grace

While I am away in Israel, several guest blog writers are filling in for me. Today’s entry is written by Andrew Norton, Business Manager at Grace Church:

Ways to get involved at Grace…

Bulletins--Friday mornings there's a group that folds the Sunday bulletin.

Maintenance--You could come in at 4:00 and change light bulbs in hallways and classrooms. Help mow the grass, or weed & maintain the flowerbeds

Ushering--usher in the Sunday morning services.

Greeters/Welcome--If you have an outgoing personality you can make people feel welcome by being a greeter on Sunday mornings or helping families find the S.S. classrooms for their kids and directing them around the building. If you want to meet people who are new to Grace Church, you can help hand out cookbooks who have attended Grace for the first time.

Music—There are many ways to get involved in the music ministry. See Bryan Nelson, Matt McElravy or Gail Crouse for more details as to what this entails.

Children--You could teach a Sunday School class, help in the nursery, assist our Wednesday night programs with the children, Girls Alive & Boys Stockade. If you like teaching kids about the outdoors and God's creation, joining our boys Stockade program would be a perfect fit. You could help with our youth program as a youth leader/helper.

PEP Group--Our PEP ministry is to ages 55 and older. You can join the planning committee and work with them in organizing activities for that age group by planning trips, putting together outreach events, and stuff like that.

Evangelism--If evangelism is your thing, there's our SHARE team which trains people in how to share their faith and also goes out visiting once a week to visit the people who've attended the church recently.

School--You can help the school program by serving lunches. You can be a secret reader for daycare, preschool, kindergarten, and even elementary classes. You can help the school program’s athletic department through their booster club by selling snacks at their athletic events or by helping maintain the athletic fields or getting the basketball and volleyball courts set up. You can help our school program by assisting the music department in their productions; or coaching the students as they learn their parts for the school plays. If you are into more technical things, you can help them with audio, video & light support; or simply organizing and assisting in the organization of the productions.

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