Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Walk this way

Plans are shaping up for this year’s Crosswalk Shows which are being designed to make it even easier to see more unbelievers and unchurched people attend. Here are the current plans for the first two shows of the year:

May 20, 2006: Crosswalk Show-Night of Comedy at Grace Church

Dana Daniels has been called one of the funniest Comedy Illusionists working today. Once he hits the stage his quick wit, sleight of hand, and ability to adapt to any situation while making it funny make him a hit at any function. Teamed with his “psychic” parrot, Luigi, they never fail to bring an audience together with “off –the-wall” illusion blended with audience participation. It’s Dana’s unique twist on illusion that separates him from other magicians and separates Luigi from other poultry!!

Bob Nelson is known for his hysterical standup and impressions act which is very physical, very off the wall, and very visual. Bob is what they call a skitster which means he creates his own characters and develops routines for them. He develops his characters and act after cartoons, old Red Skelton shows, and Jerry Lewis movies and whatnot. He got his start prank-calling customers when he worked for a telephone book company. By accident he happened to call a club on Long Island and was invited to open mike night. His career snowballed from that point. He has been all over the United States and appeared many times with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and also opened for Rodney Dangerfield for 6 years.

August 5, 2006: Crosswalk Show-“Summerfest” youth night partnering with the 250th Lititz celebration at the Lititz Springs Park Bandshell (outdoors)

Tim Hawkins has quickly become one of the most in-demand comedy headliners across the United States. Tim blends an arsenal of clean stand up, live music, physical comedy, rockstar impersonations….and the results are insane. From playground to paintball, Tim’s wide range of outrageous comedy will amaze you with its originality so buckle up and get ready for comedy overload. Tim was recently featured on TV comedy series “Bananas” and has performed in comedy theaters in over 100 cities.

Monday Morning is what melodic modern rock and roll is all about. Selectric Records debuts the national release of Fool’s Paradise with epic quality and featuring the hit single “Wonder of It All”. Fool’s Paradise tackles difficult problems facing the world today, choosing not to be apathetic ignoring the problems right outside your door. These young musicians growing up in North Carolina started playing together in 2002 with an independent release. Still following their musical dreams now with a new maturity their 2005 release is climbing the charts. They are fresh, energetic and perform with energy and emotion. Appearances with Sonic Flood, Newsboys, Tait and Stryper are just a few of the groups they have appeared with.

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