Monday, February 27, 2006


I must make a confession. I am an addict. I really am addicted. This addiction isn’t to drugs, or alcohol or tobacco. I am addicted to 24. I am talking about the television show “24” that is on each Monday evening @ 9 pm on FOX. Oh, it’s not just me. My wife watches very little television throughout the week, but she is on the couch each and every Monday evening @ 9 pm to see what happens to “Jack” this week. It’s almost a full family weakness. Only my son is immune. My daughter also joins us for this fun and exhilarating hour each week. And it’s not just my family. I know others in our church that are just as addicted; but because I am kind, I will not list them by name in this blog.

So why is 24 the weekly “oasis” for us? First, it is very exciting and has a lot of action in it. That’s the kind of television I like to watch. Second, it is always taking a turn that you are not expecting. Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, the entire enchilada changes. Every step of the way, Jack Bauer uses his connection with the Counter Terrorist Unit to save the day! But the best thing about the show is how unique it is. This isn’t like most shows that start over each and every week with a new story line to follow. “24” all takes place in one 24-hour period. Each show represents one hour in that day. The story lines continue week to week and build upon each other as the season continues. It’s the type of show that you can’t just pick up half way through the season. If you don’t start at the beginning of the season you will be most lost. It’s hard enough to pick up on everything at the start of a season if you missed the season previously.

So how do you watch a show like 24? I have one rule and it is enforced strictly . . . no one is allowed to talk. You can breathe (as long as you don’t breathe too loudly), but talking is completely out of the question. For my daughter, this is pure torture!

There are other shows that I watch week to week but no others that I am addicted to like I am to 24. There have been some in the past. Before 24, my “have to watch show of the week” was The West Wing. I love politics and to me the best part of The West Wing was being able to see the inner workings of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The producers of this show used political advisors to former presidents to help authenticate the happenings within the White House. Even though the political slant of the show almost always was completely opposite of my own, I couldn’t get enough of this political masterpiece.

So, I wonder what show I will be addicted to a few years down the road? Well, let’s look at the bright side . . . there are far worse television phonemonoms that I could be addicted to like:
  • Any reality show!
  • The curling event in the winter Olympics!
  • Or even worse . . . NASCAR!

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