Wednesday, February 22, 2006

4:12 Commission may be coming to Grace Church

The 4:12 Commission is an exciting new program for young adults sponsored by CE National. It’s not a camp, it’s not a conference; it’s a year-long commitment for you to engage the Word of God and learn to minister effectively in real environments.

The history of the 4:12 Commission began in 2003 with a passionate concern for seeing students equipped in knowledge of the Word of God and practical experience in outreach, evangelistic Bible studies and church experience. While CE National has operated Operation Barnabas (a six-week training program for high school students) for over 30 years, there is a need for something beyond this experience. We need to be equipping students for serving Christ, for making a difference in their world. A main component of this program is Bible study and memorization of Scripture. Students learn from experienced teachers and pastors in a classroom environment. Their knowledge is then strengthened through discussion with other believers. They will also be trained in the ACTS strategy of church-planting (contact discovery, process-evangelism and discipleship, leading to the formation of Bible studies). In addition to intense Bible study and memorization of Scripture, they will actively minister in a variety of local church and community opportunities. The objective is to learn, affirm, discuss and get experience in various areas of ministry, remembering that the main goal is contact-making for evangelism.

Some ministries the students can be involved in are: nursing home ministry, public school and university ministries, pro-life ministry, AIDS ministry, homeless ministry, English as a second language, jail ministry, audio/video ministry and music ministry. The practical, real-life opportunities that the 4:12 Commission provides students will equip them with first-hand experiences for life. Following the initial 4:12 training, all students will be given an opportunity to demonstrate Godly character qualities through a two-month internship in an area of his/her interest. All students will visit the Holy Land in Israel.

Moody Bible Institute will be giving college credits to those who have completed the 4:12 Commission. Students may choose to apply these credits toward continuing their Christian education after the 4:12 experience. The 4:12 Commission is proud to partner with this major institution, and the program’s overall value is greatly enhanced by the further opportunities they are providing. Currently the 4:12 commission has sites in Sebring, FL and Akron, OH. Beginning next fall, there is very serious consideration to also opening sites in Goshen, IN and Lititz, PA.

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