Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Montana Cup for First Time Guests at E-Free!

Gaylord E-Free Church here in Gaylord, MI, is an exciting place to worship the Lord and grow in your faith which is evidenced by the many first-time guests that walk in our doors each Sunday here in northern Michigan.  And while the worship, preaching and connecting with people who make up the E-Free family are the substance of each Sunday morning, there is also something for first-time guests that you could call the proverbial "icing on the cake."

Each family that visits our church for the first time receives a beautiful hand-made cup (pictured above) featuring our church's name and logo on the front of it.  Each cup is made individually by hand and are absolutely beautiful.  This gift allows us to make a great first impression to our guests while at the same time communicating that we value their being at E-Free whether they live locally or are from out-of-town.

What most people in our church may not realize is where these cups are made.  These beautiful stonewear cups come from the Mountain Arts Pottery in the beautiful Gallatin Valley of Montana which was founded in 1981 by Dave and Jennie Lockie (pictured below).  Dave’s first pottery studio consisted of a homemade kiln in a chicken coop in the Lockie’s backyard, which he built himself using information from pottery books.  Jennie purchased Dave pottery lessons in order to help take his mind off his troubles, which stemmed from the decline of his excavation business.  The Lockies and their four children used their 15-passenger van to travel to art shows and sell pottery for the first several years.  Mountain Arts Pottery is now located in a log cabin, circa 1932, that Dave and Jennifer extensively renovated themselves.

The Lockies believe their Christian faith and their highest priorities,  After his excavation business collapsed, Dave became deeply depressed and seriously considered suicide.  But God and the Bible offered Dave and his family the strength to continue in the face of terrible adversity.

Dave’s first large order was from a church group who saw some of the pots he had made in class.  Dave is frequently quoted as saying, "It was the Lord, not the glaze, who helped him make that first sale."  It is a joy and a blessing for us here at Gaylord E-Free Church to partner with Dave and Jennie in helping us connect in a special way with those who walk into our church on a Sunday for the very first time.

If you would like more information on Mountain Arts Pottery you can do so at


Joy S. said...

These mugs are so cool. I wish there was a way for church members to get one or two of them.

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Joy! Though the mugs are free to first time guests, anyone can purchase a mug for $20 by calling the church office.