Sunday, August 25, 2013


This morning I did something I have never done before - I preached wearing legitimate suspenders.  What possessed me to do such a thing?  It is all because of a man named Bud.  Bud Belt is a part of our church here at Gaylord E-Free who was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and who started chemotherapy this week.

Our Elder Board went over this past week to pray with and for Bud and his wonderful wife, Rea Jean.  While we were there, Bud shared his story with us of how he started several Southern Baptist churches that he pastored for over 30 years.  This prompted one of our Elders to ask, "Bud, is Pastor Scott's preaching baptist enough for you?"

Bud replied, "Oh, yes.  He gets going and his shirt comes untucked."  He then added as he snapped the suspenders he was wearing, "If only we could get him to wear some suspenders when he preached."

So I went out and got me some suspenders this week and wore them while I preached this morning.  Due to his sickness, I knew Bud would not be here in church to see me wearing them but I also knew that he and his wife would be listening on the radio to our first service which is aired live .  As a result, I told this story before I preached and snapped my suspenders to that Bud could heart it over the radio.  Before I did so, I borrowed the phrase from the old beer commercial and said


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