Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Finding Your Style

This Sunday here at Gaylord E-Free is going to be amazing!  Things will be much more informal in both our Contemporary and Classic Services because it is the Sunday of our Church Picnic.  Remember, the picnic will take place here at the church immediately following the second service.  Please feel free to wear picnic attire to church – that is not a problem at all! 

This Sunday we will be starting a new 5-week series that we are calling “Finding Your Style.”  God created each of us with an individual and unique style of personality and that is the style He wants to use to see each us play a part in MEETING people where they are and MOVING them to where He wants them to be.  When it comes to sharing your faith with others, you do not need to try to be like someone you aren’t.  You can be yourself.  In this series we will look at 5 different people in the Bible who are all unique from each other.  From each of these we will discover 5 different approaches to “MEETING & MOVING.”  Without question, one of these styles fits each person in our church perfectly.  Our goal is to help everyone “Find Their Style” because the best style is the one you actually do.

In our Contemporary Service we will be shaking up the “Welcome” time in a unique and creative way this week.  Again, it is a very informal week due to the picnic so we will actually be singing our welcome this Sunday to a tune you will most likely recognize.  It should be fun. 

We will be introducing the message in our Contemporary Service in a very unique way as well - with a very short “Fashion Show.”  Have you ever seen a fashion show in church?  Why would we do so this Sunday?  Remember, our new series in on “Finding Your Style.”  This fashion show will show you 5 different styles when it comes to clothing (we don’t all dress the same way because we are unique in our personalities).  That will lead right into the message as we introduce these 5 different styles of sharing your faith (we don’t all share our faith the same way for the same way – because we are unique in our personalities).

Our Classic Service will also be unique this Sunday.  In fact, if you come to the Chapel at 9am for our Classic Service you will be “Going Back to Camp” as Steve & Naomi Sponable lead us in singing using many of those great songs you sang around the campfire.  It is really going to be a special time of worship in our Classic Service!

In both of our Contemporary Services (9am and 10:30am) and our Classic Service (9am) we will also be showing the first in a series of 5 Vision Videos as we look at the past, present and future of our church – told by some of the folks who have witnessed God doing so much over the years here at Gaylord E-Free.

Marcus Wegmeyer is scheduled to be the emcee this Sunday in the Classic Service with Rick Beadle and Jay Blackmore serving as the Elders assigned to help greet and assist. 

For those who are attending the Classic Service, please not that when you come down to the back doors of the Gospel Center for the preaching time, there may be a brief delay before you can enter due to a brief period of time when the house lights will be off due to a skit.  We don’t want any accidents so there may be a brief pause before you enter so that you are not trying to find your seats in the dark.

It really is going to a great Sunday here at E-Free.  Please be praying for God to use our services here and over the radio to meet as many people as possible right where they are at and help move them to where He wants them to be!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Scott

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