Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Two Buckets You Carry To Church!

You can't see them but I assure you that every time you come to church you are always carrying two buckets with you.  Like your American Express card, you never leave home without them.  One of these buckets is filled with water.  The other bucket is filled with gasoline.  This is a good thing because both are desperately needed in the church.  That's right - we need you to pour out water in the church every bit as much as the church needs you to pour out some gasoline.

This is important to realize because there are always two types of fire burning inside of every church.  One of these types of fire is very valuable and is started by the Holy Spirit who is continually lighting fires of spiritual passion, zeal and energy in people's hearts and lives.  This type of fire needs a stimulant to cause it to burn bigger and brighter.  According to Hebrews 10:24-25, we are to be giving careful attention as to how we can intentionally stimulate other believers to love and good deeds.

This is needed because you and I will never reach our potential of spiritual excellence in this life if others don't come along side of us and help "fan our spiritual flame" into a blaze.  These are the types of fire that need some "gas" poured out on them.  We need to continually be planning ahead for how we can stimulate this fire of spiritual passion in the lives of others.  Unfortunately, all too often we tend to pour the wrong bucket on these flames as we make the mistake of dousing that flame with the water of discouragement when it really needs the stimulant of spiritual encouragement.

There is, however, a second type of fire that is likewise always being set inside the church.  This one is set by the evil one as he starts the fire of criticalness, disunity and dissension in the hearts and lives of believers.  What this fire needs is to be doused with the water of loving exhortation and correction.  Unfortunately, all too often we make things far worse by pouring gasoline on these fires by adding to the negativity and causing this dangerous fire to burn stronger in the church and cause great damage.

It is important that we take the time to think through every situation and conversation,  Which fire is burning?  Is this a fire of spiritual zeal and passion that needs some gasoline to help it burn brighter and stronger or is this a fire of criticalness and dissension that needs some water to distinguish it before it does damage?  Folks, listen, every conversation you have will pour out contents from one of your two buckets.  Every time you send an email you are either pouring out water or gasoline.  Both are needed but both can be very dangerous if they are not used on the right fires.

Choose carefully and prayerfully how you use your buckets this week.

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