Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 25 - the New Christmas?

For any sports fan, there is nothing more exhilarating than watching your favorite team beat your arch-rival.  Sports is funny that way.  It is almost more enjoyable to watch your arch rival lose a game than it is to watch your team win one.  But when your team beats that arch rival - it's just sweet.  But when it happens twice in the same weekend - that's simply the best!

So this past weekend was one in a million for this sports fan.  On Saturday, November 24, my Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Michigan Wolverines to complete a perfect season under first year coach Urban Meyer.  And if that wasn't sweet enough, today, Sunday, November 25, my Cleveland Browns defeated their arch rivals - the Pittsburgh Steelers.  

To be able to watch both my teams beat their arch rivals in the same weekend makes me feel like Christmas may just have come a full month early this year!

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Glen said...

Sounds more like revenge :-)