Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Angels Revealed

There is a lot of interest in angels, especially this time of the year.  Angels are a very popular Christmas symbol.  You see them in many of the Christmas decorations and in some of the most beloved Holiday movies and television shows.  In fact, take some time to hum through the Christmas Carols - angels are seen all through them:

"Hark the the herald ANGELS sing glory to the newborn King"

"ANGELS from the realms of glory wing your flights o'er all the earth"

"Come and adore Him, born the King of ANGELS, O come let us adore Him"

"While shepherds watch their flocks by night all seated on the ground, an ANGEL of the Lord came down and glory shown around"  

"The first Noel, the ANGEL did say was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay"

It is our hope with this series to capitalize on this popular aspect as we star a new holiday message series this week entitled, "Angels Revealed."  In order to draw people's attention to this new series we have a very attractive billboard up on M-32 in Gaylord (pictured above) and we have passed out hundreds of auto window clings all of which are promoting a special website that has been designed to tell people all about this special Christmas series (www.angelsrevealed.com).

This Sunday will be week #1 of this series and I am very excited about what we will be sharing.  We will use this first message to give an overview of what the Bible really teaches about angels.  So much of what we know about angels we have received from culture (like "Clarence" in the holiday movie, "It's a Wonderful Life").  But how do these concepts of angels match up to what Scripture teaches?  As we start this new series this Sunday, November 25, we will answer the following questions about angels from the Bible"

How do we know that angels really exist?  
Where did angels come from?  
What are angels like?  
Do angels wear wings and halos?  
How many angels are there?  
Do angels reproduce?  
Do angels die?  
Do we have guardian angels?  
What do angels actually do?  
How do angels serve mankind?  

We will then use each Sunday during the month of December to follow the angels through the Christmas story.  This is going to be a great series.  Invite everyone you know to come and be part of "Angels Revealed" at Gaylord E-Free Church every Sunday from November 25 through December 30.

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