Sunday, September 30, 2012

Behind the Scenes Sunday Morning at E-Free!

I love Sunday mornings and today was no different.  Below are some "interesting" stories and observations from behind the scenes of this morning's services at the Gaylord E-Free Church:

I actually preached 3 times in 2 states (Indiana and Michigan) in less than 24 hours this weekend!

This morning as all the stage participants stood backstage in a circle holding hands and praying right before the service, I realized that for some reason I had forgotten to put on my deodorant.  Realizing how much I sweat while preaching twice on a Sunday morning, I raced downstairs after doing the welcome and greeting at the start of the service where, fortunately, I had an emergency roll-on in a file cabinet in my office!

I do believe I preach better after an Ohio State victory over any team from Michigan, even if it was an ugly win!

I am very thankful for Cody and Jacob who were my substitutes in running the hurdles on stage this morning!  I am convinced that their being my substitute sprinters this morning truly kept me from pulling a hamstring!

There is only way way to describe the worship this morning led by our worship team here at E-Free - it was absolutely awesome!!!

We had many first-time guests this morning.  One couple I met has just this year come up from Florida to make Northern Michigan their summer home.  They had spent all summer looking for a home church for the summers.  The good news is that they were super excited that they finally found us here at E-Free.  The bad news is that this was their last Sunday before heading back to Florida for the winter.  I guess we'll have to wait until next summer for their second visit to E-Free!

I was surprised at how many people there were in both of our morning services that had no idea what a flannelgraph story was.  Now that is what I call a deprived childhood!

Welcome into our membership here at E-Free to the Moore's!  It is so good to have you!

Yes, I did sing the children's song about Zaccheus this morning in both services as part of my sermon ("Zaccheus was a wee little man...").  And, if you were there, you now know why this is the most horrible song ever taught children in the history of the church.  The problem is that now I have this tune stuck in my head and I can't get it out!

For some reason, after being in church this morning I have this amazing urge to find a TV station that is showing reruns of episodes from the old sitcom, Taxi, staring Danny Devito!

There is only one way to apply this morning's service at Gaylord E-Free to your life - GO CLIMB A TREE!

If you were not at Gaylord E-Free this morning and you are not sure what some of these observations mean, you can go to our church website ( and listen to it this week.  It should get posted sometime on Monday.  Next Sunday we will finish our "H-3 to the Highest Power" message series as we have been learning how to get over the Hurts, Hang-ups and Habits of life!


Freemans said...

I was thinking you would relish a win over Michigan State as well. I do find it interesting you mention this in the same statement where you forgot you deodorant. I am sure some State fans will find a parallel

Walter Moore said...

Hummmmm. Having us mentioned in the same blog with Ohideous Status (Ohio State) is hard to swallow. But we do appreciate the welcomed membership of the Church.

Anonymous said...

Are you not blogging anymore?