Monday, November 01, 2010

Tuesday - Election Day in America

I am looking forward to this Tuesday. It's Election Day in America. I have always been intrigued by politics. I think that is why one of my favorite shows of all time was The West Wing. It was fun for me to watch that show and get an idea of how things work inside the White House.

I know that most people have long since gotten tired of all of the political ads on television. Not me! I love all of that stuff and I can sit for hours at night (if I let myself) and watch all the political pundits on the different TV news networks. So I am really looking forward to Tuesday. I am looking forward to casting my vote and then staying up into the early hours of the morning watching all of the election returns, concession speeches, and victory celebrations.

I can't help but remember my days at Liberty University when election time rolls around. The presidential election during my time at Liberty was the 2nd Reagen election. As you most likely recall, Dr Falwell and the Moral Majority was pretty active back then. I remember Dr Falwell saying many times leading up to that election, even from the pulpit, "I'm not going to tell you who to vote for - you can vote for the Ronald Reagen of your choice!" We use to joke as students and say that Dr Falwell had 4 main sermon themes that the vast majority of the hundreds of messages we heard him preach fit into. They were:

Get Saved!
Get Going!
Don't Quit!

So this Tuesday I will vote! I hope that you will too!

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