Monday, November 08, 2010


While I will continue to make regular postings here at "Folks Listen," I am excited to announce a new blog that I have begun entitled, "Hope for Hurting Pastors." The link to this new blog is

Recently a friend made arrangements for Laura and I to go see the closing weekend of JOSEPH at the Sight and Sound Theater. What an amazing performance. It especially meant a lot to me because I am studying the life of Joseph in my own personal Bible Study. It is a story about the power of forgiveness and it is just that - a powerful story. But the part of the story that grabbed my heart the most was how Joseph, even during the lowest times of his life, still trusted that God had a plan for him resulting in him being used by God, even during these valleys, to minister and benefit others. For example:

Joseph was sold as a slave into the land of Egypt, yet, he trusted God and was used mightily by the Lord in the lives of Potiphar and his household.

Joseph spent years in prison, yet, even in his chains he trusted God and the Lord used him mightily in the life of the jailer and many other prisoners.

As I have gone through ministry valleys in my life, God has taught me many wonderful lessons. I have learned to trust Him like never before. And I have learned that it is during the challenging times of our lives that God can use us in mighty ways to benefit and encourage others.
Second Corinthians chapter one teaches us that God comforts us in all of our afflictions so that we can then comfort others going through the same afflictions with the same comfort that we received from the Lord. That's what this new blog is all about.

Many pastors have in the past or are currently going through hurts in ministry. That's why so many of them ultimately get out of ministry for good. This new blog is designed for pastors - especially hurting pastors. My prayer is that as I share lessons I have learned as God has comforted me, that the Lord will use this to comfort them and allow them to realize that though ministry has hurts, there still is HOPE!

So drop by this new blog and read some of the lessons I have learned. Be sure to pass this website on to pastors you know - especially if any of them that are hurting in ministry.


Gina Wood said...

I hope your new blog will be a help and blessing to hurting pastors. I know a pastor who left the ministry just a few years ago because his congregation told him that they know the Bible teaches this or that, but they could not accept it and they didn't want him teaching it. Unbelievable!

Pastor Scott said...

Thank you, Gina. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. There are a lot of hurting pastors out there. My prayer is that God would use this new blog to encourage them and give them hope. Blessings to you and your family.