Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Tomorrow is November 11th - It's a holiday. Yes, it is Veteran's Day so let me take this time to say a huge "thank you" to any and all veterans of our nation's military who might happen by this blog for the part you played and the sacrifice you made to keep our country free.

But tomorrow, November 11th, is also a special holiday for another reason - it is my wife, Laura's, birthday. I have always tried to make birthdays for Laura special. A couple years back her birthday fell on a Sunday and so I lined the stage with vases, each containing a single rose. There was one rose for each year of her age. Twice we celebrated her birthday over in Israel - once in Bethlehem and once in Jerusalem.

But this year Laura's b-day comes during a transitional time in our lives so there won't be as much opportunity for the "added specialties." But, that's okay. I can honestly say that I am more in love with my wife now than I ever have been. That has been one of my four main prayers through this time of ministry transition - that God would use this time to allow me to do four things:

Fall more in love with Jesus!
Fall more in love with my wife!
Fall more in love with the local church!
Fall more in love with my calling to be a pastor!

And God has done just that. I am so thankful for Laura and all that she means to me and the support she has been to me. I can't help but think of the words to a D. Morgan print that I bought for her several years ago that is hanging on our living room wall:

One hundred years together
Would surely be too few
For every day all over again
I fall in love with you!

So, if you know my wife (or even if you don't) and you would like to wish her a Happy Birthday on November 11th as well, simply leave a comment here or email me at and I will be sure she gets it!

Happy Birthday, Laura! I love you!


Gina Wood said...

I remember the roses across the stage; I thought that was an awesome thing to do. :)
Happy Birthday Laura! I hope you have a beautiful day with your hubby tomorrow.

Pastor Scott said...

But do you remember how many roses there were that morning? It was my way of being able to tell my wife's age without getting in any trouble!! Seriously, thanks Gina! I appreciate your taking the time to comment! Blessings to you and your family!

Judy Stoeckle said...

I too remember the roses. It was just our second Sunday of attending Grace, and it was a beautiful thing to see. Your ministry has always been a blessing to me. Miss you both so much and wish we could have shared last month's Holy Land trip together. Please tell Laura I wish her a wonderful birthday!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks so much, Judy! I am so glad you got to go on the Israel trip. Though Laura andI ended up not being able to attend, we sure were glad that we could make it possible for our good friends, the Finsters, to have this life-changing experience. Blessings to you and your family!

TheJoyOfTheLORDisMyStrength said...

Happy Birthday Laura! May you have a blessed day! Love, Janice Hilt

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Janice. I will be sure Laura gets your greeting! Blessings to you and Mark! We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Laura.We hope that you enjoyed your day. May God continue to bless your life, marriage and ministry.

Pastor Scott said...

Thank you so much, Anonymous. I know that Laura will appreciate your comments. I believe she enjoyed her day. Both kids calle dher from college. I had roses sent to her and took her out to the new Lititz Junction restaurant for lunch. Then friends of ours took us out to one of the Hershey Hotel restaurants for dinner and we drove through the Hershey Sweet Lights afterwards. All in all a pretty good day! Blessings to you!