Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today was my birthday. This morning my son bought me a cup of coffee at Sheetz and my daughter called me from college. What more does a 45 year old man need on his birthday than that? I am truly blessed!

When I was in Lynchburg last week my daughter bought me a Doc's Diner coffee cup as an early B-Day present. Doc's Diner is my favorite restaurant in Lynchburg, VA and it has the best banana pudding you'll get anywhere. I've always wanted one of their coffee cups. Coffee just tastes better when I am drinking it out of my red Doc's Diner cup.
Tonight my son gave me the movie, "We Are Marshall." I love that movie which is a true story about the Marshall University football team that were all killed in a plane crash years ago. My son also got me a very cool green sweater which I will be wearing this Sunday morning to preach in!

But here 's the part I'm really pumped about. My wife is taking me to the Air Supply and Christopher Cross concert at the American Music Theater this Friday night! How awesome! I was really into easy listening music when I was in High School (still am - after all, it beats country music) and some of the best love songs out there were by Air Supply. I can't wait to enjoy that concert with my wife!


Wayne said...

Have fun!! Christopher Cross is awesome. His songs bring back alot of memories for me.

Becky W said...

Awesome! Always liked Air Supply as well. Happy Birthday and have lots of fun! I am headed to the Casting Crowns concert on Sunday night.

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Wayne! Those were some good tunes!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Becky! Enjoy your concert as well! Casting Crowns is also one of my favorites.

Mary Barr said...

Happy Birthday, Scott!
As a family, that has been at Grace for quite a while...we are so blessed by your ministry to us and have felt-since you came-that you were just what we all needed (and exactly what God wanted for our church)...Keep on doing what you are doing!
PS: I just love Christopher Cross' songs. Enjoy your concert Fri. night!

Pastor Scott said...

Thank you, Mary! That really means a lot to me! Thanks for your encouragement. I needed it this week!