Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Luckiest

Last Sunday we ended our study in Proverbs 31 by seeing that a man who has found an excellent wife is a very lucky man. So often when Christmas or my birthday is approaching, family members will ask, “What do you want?” My answer is always the same, “Nothing really.” To be perfectly honest there just isn’t a lot that I really want. Why? Because back in the fall of 1970 I entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through faith and then in May of 1987 I said, “I do” to the most wonderful woman in the world. Having those two relationships, there is really nothing more that I need.

Rock star, Ben Folds, wrote a song that Matt McElravy sang beautifully at the close of my message last Sunday. It is a completely different style than is typical for Ben. It was the last song on a rock album that was all about being dissatisfied with life. Yet, at the end he included this song for his wife. Though it is completely opposite his normal style of music, chances are very good that when Ben Fold’s career comes to a close, this will be the song he is most remembered for. Honestly, I am not a Ben Fold’s fan but, like the words of his song, I really do feel that I am “The Luckiest”!

The Luckiest

I don't get many things right the first time

In fact, I am told that a lot

Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls

Brought me here

And where was I before the day

That I first saw your lovely face?

Now I see it everyday

And I know

That I am…I am

I am The luckiest

What if I'd been born fifty years before you

In a house on a street where you lived?

Maybe I'd be outside as you passed on your bike

Would I know?

And in a white sea of eyes

I see one pair that I recognize

And I know

That I am…I am

I amThe luckiest

I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you

Next door there's an old man who lived to his nineties

And one day passed away in his sleep

And his wife; she stayed for a couple of days

And passed away

I'm sorry, I know that's a strange way to tell you that I know we belong

That I know

That I am…I am

I amThe luckiest

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