Monday, June 02, 2008

Closing the Chapter on Wonder Women

Last Sunday was the final week in the first half of our Super Heroes message series as we closed the chapter on Proverbs 31 which describes to us what a Biblical Wonder Woman is like. Over the past three weeks we had seen the companionship, care-giving and conduct of a spiritual Wonder Woman. Last Sunday we added to our description her compassion (31:20). In this verse we found that the noble wife is selfless and generous. The text literally reads, “she opens her palm to the poor.” We also saw her character in verse 25 in which clothing is used metaphorically to show that her life is characterized by strength and dignity and that she can laugh at the future. Her conversation was noted in verse 26 where her words are described as being those of wisdom and kindness.

This wonderful chapter ended with a reminder of the value of a godly Wonder Women. What kind of legacy does she leave behind? First, she leaves behind the legacy of her family (31:28-29). Her children bless her. It is those who know her best that praise her. How many times have I preached a funeral and had my own heart moved deeply as I listened to children and grandchildren speak well of a loving mother and grandmother who is now with Jesus. But the source of this legacy is not just from her children, it is also from her husband who likewise praises her with his words. One of the things we husbands fail to do enough is to tell our wives how much we appreciate and love them. The wise man reminds us of the importance of verbally praising our wife.

This Wonder Women also blazes a legacy of faith (31:30). The verse reminds us all that charm is deceitful and beauty is vain. I am not saying that beauty is not important. But we must remember that no matter how much we fight it, outward beauty does not last. Ladies, you do not start your life at the apex of your beauty. It takes a few years to formulate (if you do not think that is true, then go back and pull out your elementary school pictures). But as you emerge into adulthood your beauty crystallizes. However, if you haven’t yet, you will one day reach your peak. There will come a time when, well truthfully, it’s all downhill when it comes to outward beauty.

Not only does outward beauty not last, it does not guarantee happiness (21:19). Because outward beauty does not last and because it does not guarantee happiness, our priority should be on our inward beauty. Inward beauty is seen in our obedience to the Lord. How amazing that the book of Proverbs ends where it begins…with the importance of fearing the Lord (Proverbs 1:7)?

Along with the legacy of her family and the legacy of her faith, she also has a legacy of fame (31:31). We (speaking of husbands) are to give her the product of our hands. We are to give her the honor she deserves. And please note where this should occur? This should take place in the gates (a public place). I have tried to present an example to the men of our church in this area. I often speak about the value and praise of Laura while preaching and in my blogs. Why? Two reasons. It is true and it is Scriptural. We are to speak well of her everywhere and to everyone.

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