Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bubba's Good-Bye

This afternoon I will take my parents back to the Baltimore airport and Laura and I will begin the recovery phase of graduation weekend. All in all the weekend was absolutely perfect. What a celebration. I am so thankful for the goodness of God. Below are some of the highlights of our big weekend:

Joy received many honors and awards at Baccalaureate Thursday night but a huge blessing to us was that she received the Brossman Scholarship. Up until this year, this was a $500 a year scholarship for four years totaling $2,000. However, this year the scholarship was increased to $2,000 per year for four years for a grand total of $8,000. Then on Friday evening at graduation she received an additional $1,000 scholarship for being Valedictorian of her class and another $200 award for godly character. So over the two evenings she received $9,200 in scholarship money. Praise the Lord!

At graduation, Joy along with the Salutatorian (Jenny Kupstas), gave their addresses together rather than separate. It was very unique and very good. Their speech was well written and dealt with the need to embrace change. I was very impressed.

Joy closed out graduation by singing the song “Whenever You Remember.” She nailed it. Her mom did real good from an “emotions” stand point until Joy sang. Of course, I was a rock!

Joy’s party on Saturday got shifted into the garage due to rain but was absolutely wonderful. We had between 100-150 people who came over to help share in Joy’s milestone. And best of all, almost all of the mounds of food Laura and her mom prepared got eaten.

The highlight of the weekend though actually centered around our son, Jonathan. He and his sister are unusually close. They are literally best of friends who do most everything together. I mean come on, Jonathan is dating one of Joy’s closest friends and Joy is dating one of Jonathan’s closest friends. That’s pretty unusual, wouldn’t you say? Anyway, Joy has always called Jonathan “Bubba” over the years. Jonathan loves music and wrote a special song for Joy as a graduation present that he put with a slide show of the two of them growing up together. The song was called “Bubba’s Good-Bye”. It was amazing. We enjoyed showing it to everyone. Boy, did it bring the tears (except from me, of course…I was a rock)!

Other than that, the big weekend included 10 people sleeping at our house; 15 people showering at our house; 3 round trips to the Harrisburg Airport; 1 round trip to the Philadelphia Airport; and 3 round trips to the Baltimore Airport (all at nearly $4.00 a gallon)! But as I look back and have time to reflect I am staggered by the thought that I have a personal relationship with Jesus; An excellent wife; Two kids who love each other; A daughter who is excelling much; And a talented son who will give us reason to do the weekend all over again in two years. Yep, it’s true, folks! I am, “The Luckiest”!

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