Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Real Presidential Platform

As I was walking down the elementary wing hallway of Lititz Christian School last week, the bulletin board outside of the second grade classroom caught my eye, especially since I am so in to politics and since the presidential race is in the country’s spotlight. Each student put what they would do if they were President of the United States and then drew a corresponding picture. There were some typical responses, you know, the ones you would expect from second graders, like:

I would make people stop stealing!

I would help people who were in need!

I would help the poor!

I would help our country!

I would help the orphans!

I would help people that are in the hospital!

I would have gym all day at school!

I would make school a half day!

But then there were some responses that left me laughing and trying to guess what type of children we have in the second grade at Lititz Christian School. For example:

I would give everyone who worked a year off! (Hey, that kid has my vote)

I would give people money! (Sounds like a democrat in the making)

I would lower taxes! (We have at least one republican)

I would have lots of school! (I don’t think this kid will get elected)

I would buy a professional race car from Mark Martin! (is nothing sacred?)

I would force Bill gates to give me all of his money! (Perhaps communism isn’t dead)

I would turn myself into a rock star! (hey, it seemed to work for Bill Clinton)

I would make boy’s slaves and lower taxes! (now there is a party platform…folks, listen, feminism is alive and well in the second grade at Lititz Christian School)

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