Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Inner Office Memo

On a daily basis inner-office memos are communicated here at Grace Church via e-mail. These can include a variety of very important things. It may be an important piece of information that requires the prayers of all of our staff. It may be a significant and detailed announcement or a change in policy. It could be calling an urgent emergency meeting that is required by all to attend. But this past week, our Business Manager sent out an inner-office memo that included two very critical instructions:

First, he reminded us that the dirty dishes that we use in the office break room should be washed, dried and put away…not simply left piling up in the sink.

Second, he instructed us to be sure that if we use the last of the toilet paper in the office restrooms that we need to be sure to grab a new roll from under the sink and replace the empty roll.

Now, let me ask you a question regarding this inner-office memo. Who do you think is most guilty of leaving dirty dishes in the office sink…the men on staff or the women?

Now, let me ask you an even more important question. Which restroom do you think had the toilet paper problem…the men’s restroom or the women’s restroom?

I can’t say I know for sure the answer to the first question (though I have a sneaking suspicion), but I can tell you 100% factually that the answer to the second question is…THE WOMEN’S RESTROOM! Can you believe that? I thought it was always the MAN who never replaced the empty toilet paper roll. I thought women always replaced the empty toilet paper roll. Folks, listen, this is an earth shattering realization.

Now I cannot tell you all the details that precipitated our Business Manager sending this inner-office memo because I have not been fully briefed (nor do I desire to be). But, I can tell you that the stalls in the women’s restroom here in the office area at church are now stocked quite differently as seen by the above picture. Now that brings up a whole different question…who would take this picture? A man or a woman? Hmmmmmm.

So I wonder what other things that we men take the rap for that really isn’t just a “man problem.” Oh, wait…before I let my intellect go that direction and get me into trouble, maybe I should consider sending out another inner-office memo to our male staff. Unlike the ladies, they will change the toilet paper roll when they use the last of it. They just make sure that they never use the last of it. I don’t know how many times I have gone in only to find one little square left barely hanging from the roll. And guys…come on…when you do use the last square and change the roll…always be sure it unrolls from the top, not from the bottom. Even the unchurched world knows that is how it is supposed to be!

Did I really just blog about this?

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