Monday, March 24, 2008

My Easter...Hour by Hour

What a great day Easter was! How wonderful it was to see all that God did here at Grace Church on this special day. Here is how my morning schedule went:

4:45am – Alarm goes off…time to get up and get ready

5:15am – Stop at Sheetz on the way into church for the morning’s first coffee

5:30am – Arrive at Church

6:00am – Pre-service meeting with our Worship Arts Director and Media Producer

6:15am – Final quiet time for personal preparations and prayer

7:00am – Greet those arriving for the 1st worship service

7:15am – First Worship Service begins

7:40am – Start preaching

8:30am – Greet those who are leaving the 1st service

8:45am – Greet those arriving for the 2nd worship service

9:00am – Second Worship Service begins

9:25am – Start preaching again

10:15am – Greet those who are leaving the 2nd service

10:30am – Greet those who are arriving for the 3rd worship service

10:45am – Third Worship Service begins

11:10am – Start preaching one more time

12:00pm – Greet those who are leaving the 3rd service

12:15pm – Morning follow-up and wrap-up

1:15pm – Leave for home

1:30pm – Shower and change clothes, eat dinner…CRASH!

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