Monday, September 16, 2013

Paging Gordy

In her book, “An Hour On Sunday,” Nancy Beach, Arts Director for Bill Hybels at the Willow Creek Community Church, tells of a man named Gordy.  Here is what she writes:

“Gordy and his wife, Barb, serve on our production crew.  Their children are grown, and for now this couple has chosen to invest in building community on our backstage team, helping to set up stage equipment and props and diligently praying for everything that takes place in our services.  Gordy is a big man with twinkling eyes and a balding head.  Like the rest of our crew, he always wears black clothing so he can fade into the background while setting up props on stage during a service.”

“When I arrive at church, Gordy has been working for a couple of hours.  He always greets me with a warm smile and inquires, ‘How can I specifically pray for you?  Is there anything in this service that most concerns you?’  Often my response fills Gordy’s eyes with tears.  During rehearsals, Gordy provides an enthusiastic audience for actors and musicians who wonder if their material will connect.  He laughs the loudest and is the first one to let them know if he is deeply moved.  Before the service begins, Gordy leads a circle of crewmembers in passionate prayer for God to work mightily among us and through us.  Between services, Gordy is the master of encouragement, letting all of us know that the part we played truly mattered.”

As I think about Gordy, I have to believe that the vast majority of the thousands of people who attend services at Willow Creek every weekend have no clue that this man even exists.  I doubt that they could pick him out of a crowd.  Yet, to the few dozen people who pour themselves into utilizing their God-given gifts and talents to provide moments in worship that God can use to grab hold of the hearts of people, Gordy is irreplaceable. 

Though Gaylord E-Free is not anywhere near the size of the Mega Church that Willow Creek is, we also have dozens of people who utilize their God-given gifts and talents every week with a heart and a purpose to be used by God to provide moments of worship that God can use to grab hold of the hearts of the hundreds who attend our worship services. 

Is there a “Gordy” in the midst of our congregation?  Is there a “Gordy” at E-Free who stops our key participants on Sunday morning to ask how they can specifically pray for the service?  Is there a “Gordy” at E-Free whose eyes fill with tears as they hear of the deep desire of the stage leaders and participants to see God move through the service?  Is there a “Gordy” at E-Free who isn’t afraid to show it when God uses something in the service to move him closer in his walk with his Lord?  Is there a “Gordy” at E-Free who gathers people together prior to the service to passionately pray for God to work?  Is there a “Gordy” at E-Free who is the master of encouragement and lets everyone know that the part they played Sunday truly mattered? 

Paging, Gordy…Please report to Gaylord E-Free Church!  

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Glen said...

I think we have a lot of Gordys... they just stay in the background... we are totally blessed with God's heart-seeking volunteers