Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RADIO WORKS! I love what God is doing!

God continues to open doors for us to get our message out through radio and we are hearing great feedback.  Below are 5 stories from last Sunday’s 9am Service being aired live on 101.5 (The Eagle):

I visited a couple who currently cannot come to church because of a serious illness. They shared how wonderfully blessed they are to be able to still be part of our service each Sunday via radio!

I received an email from a radio listener in Comins, MI who said that he found himself weeping as he sat and listened to the broadcast!

I received a Facebook message from a mom who said that their family enjoyed listening to the service while sitting around their campfire on vacation.

I talked with a family whose child cannot be in a crowd due to a recent surgery who sat around the radio together and listened to the broadcast.

I have been trying for 2 years to get a man in our community to come hear me preach but with no success.  He told me this week that he is listening to the service on the radio every week.

And it is not just our Sunday services that God is using on the radio.  Following my radio show last Wednesday (which occurs each Wednesday around 8:20am on 101.5) I received the following email from a governmental official in our community that does not attend our church:

I enjoy your weekly segments on the radio and hope you continue them…it is nice to get some of God’s message in the middle of the work week.”

I love what God is doing in and through E-Free, don’t you?  And we get to do it all again this Sunday as we continue our new series, “ESSENTIALS: From God, Through Me, To You!” 

See you Sunday!
Pastor Scott

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