Sunday, July 21, 2013

God Used His Church Today!

I love how God works and this morning was no exception to that fact as we started our new series, "ESSENTIALS," here at Gaylord E-Free Church.  You know a service was powerful and that God was indeed moving when everyone comes out of the service with tears in their eyes due to the moving of His Spirit and the power of His Word.  That is what I saw in the eyes of people as I greeted many of them at the door after the service.

As I then went back into the auditorium after each service to get my Bible, I was struck by the sight of many people who were still inside praying.  Some where still in their seats while others were kneeling down at the steps leading up to the stage.  Some were by themselves while others were praying with people.  There is no question that this morning was like standing on Holy Ground as we saw together as a church that because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross we now have confidence to draw near into His presence!

I am amazed at the people who make up our worship services here at Gaylord E-Free.  When I think of just the ministry that took place inside our services this morning I am so thankful for the dozens of volunteers who pour so much time and energy into making our Classic service in the Chapel and our Contemporary Services in the Gospel Center a reality.  For example:

This morning our Sound Techs not only had to mix voices and instruments and be sure that all the microphones worked in the services but they also had to communicate with the radio station to ensure that our 9am service went out live on 101.5 FM.

This morning our Video Techs had to make sure that all slide presentations, musical lyrics, and videos played at the right times.  In today's case it also included having to do a voice over on the powerful "presence" video we watched so it could be heard on the radio.

This morning our Stage Crew has to design a stage in such a way that you could see with your own eyes the veil of the Temple in Jerusalem tearing from top to bottom.

This morning our Light Techs had to adjust the lights throughout the services just right and at the exact times to provide the most effective moods and environments - especially as we neared the time in the sermon when darkness covered the earth and the veil ripped showing the brightly lit cross behind it.

This morning our Worship Team had to not only practice and learn the amazing worship music used throughout the morning but they also had to plan and rehearse the visual element at the end of our services as each of them stopped playing one-by-one, covered their instrument with a black cloth and walked off the stage during the closing song, "Clear the Stage."  One of our ministry staff shared with me after the service that to him what made the ending of the service so powerful was the song selection of the worship music leading up to the message that helped to prepare us for that moment.

This morning our Drama Team was also involved as Fanny Crosby herself spent the worship time in the Classic Service sharing stories behind the inspirational hymns she penned so many years ago.  This took hours of research, memorization and rehearsing as well as great costuming and performing.

I could go on and on - especially of I were to describe the many people involved in the literally months of planning that goes into each service here at Gaylord E-Free.  And this blog posting would be huge if I then began to describe all of the many volunteers that are involved outside of our actual worship services here at Gaylord E-Free each and every Sunday!

God used His church today! 

God used His word today!

To God be the glory!

We get to do it all over again next week!

See you next Sunday!

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