Tuesday, February 05, 2013

When God Removes the Sting from our Memories!

I trust that you have enjoyed and have been blessed as well as challenged by our current series through the Old Testament character, Joseph.  I have so enjoyed studying and preaching this series but, honestly, it is this Sunday that I have been looking forward to the most.  As I started my studies months ago I discovered a truth in Joseph’s story that I had never seen prior.  I remember exactly where I was when it hit me.  I was sitting on a Delta Airline flight about 32,000 miles up in the air on my way to Florida to stay with my dad while my mom had knee replacement surgery last summer.  Have you even had one of those times when you discover a truth in the Bible that is so amazing, so life-changing and so exciting that you simply can’t contain yourself?  That’s what happened to me on that flight.  But you kind of have to still contain yourself to some degree when you are sitting in the small confines of an airplane.

This Sunday I get to show you what I discovered.  Seriously, I can’t wait.  If you have ever gone through a hurtful time in your life; if you have ever found yourself in the pit of betrayal; if you have ever found yourself in some type of prison; if the memories of those hurtful experiences and the thought of those individuals who were responsible for the hurt in your life still cause pain in your heart, then I believe that this message will be so powerful that you will have a hard time containing yourself.  Don’t miss this Sunday as we get introduced to Joseph’s two sons and see how God removes the sting from our pain.

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Glen said...

Gal 6:7-8? The shaping of our attitude perhaps? I.E. As David responded to the opportunity of killing Saul, and then how he responded upon hearing that Saul had been killed. He had the right to think that God may make an exception in his case (to get back at Saul) but he took the opportunity to personally grow and in returned glorified God in the process (Hum... okay, I'll wait for Sunday...)