Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Advice For Men

“A Higher Call Men’s Conference” will once again be taking place here at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church on Saturday, March 16.  I believe that this year’s event will be the best one yet as it features Jeff Struecker, whose story was featured in the motion picture, “Black Hawk Down;” Chad Williams, a former Navy SEAL; and Ryan Sharpe, who will share his riveting story of when his young son almost died.

I’m sure that Jeff, Chad and Ryan will have some amazing things to share with the hundreds and hundreds of men who will attend this year’s conference.  But what if you had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of men and share with them one piece of advice that you would like every man to hear – what advice would you share?  My piece of advice to men would be this – “Follow hard after God!”  That’s what our world needs today!  That’s what our country needs today!  That’s what northern Michigan needs today!  That’s what our churches need today!  That’s what our families need today!  We need men who don’t take their faith lightly but who “follow hard after God!”

In the Bible, Joshua was a leader in Israel like this.  Not only did Israel serve God as long as Joshua was their leader, but even after his death the Bible says in Joshua 24:31 that as long as there were leaders in Israel who remembered and had rubbed shoulders with Joshua, Israel continued to follow God.  Joshua was a man who took his faith seriously.  He “followed hard after God” and the result impacted people while he was alive and even after he had died.  I want to be a man like that!  I hope you do too!  One thing that can help all of us men to see this happen in our lives is to register for “A Higher Call Men’s Conference” by calling 888.930.2060 or going on line at

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you weren't really asking what I would say if I had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of men :) But I would simply say, I am sorry! Sorry that I did not completly understand the battle they face with lust. I understand modesty and have not desired to defraud men by the things I wear. What I have failed to understand is my roll as my husbands helpmate. Until 3 years ago, I did not understand the addiction christain men have been outwitted by, pornography. Let's face it, the wives have been outwitted too. We as wives make comments like. You don't look at that stuff do you? Your not doing that, I couldn't handle that. Wow, that stuff ruins marriages... and the list of ignorant statements go on! Yes, men it can ruin marriages, because we are allowing the enemy a foothold. But the best escape from our enemies snare, is confession. To God and our mate. This has been a hard road,but after being married 22 years, I KNOW it is God's faithfulness that upholds us with His righteous right hand. I am thankful and honored to be my husbands wife and helpmate. There is nothing more honorable than a man fighting the good fight for his marriage and his family. Our sons need it, our daughters need it. And yes I do believe that it has the ability to ruin marriages, the longer it goes uncovered. May I just say, I truely understand and am so sorry! My prayer is that anyone who reads this would not give way to fear, and stop believing the lie that there is something wrong with you! Trust God. Confess and experience FREEDOM. I have come to learn that christian men walk away feeling guilty after falling to the struggle, each time. Men, do not be outwitted by the enemy. I am praying for your marriages and for the wife who may, this week, hear something she will need to choose to be a helpmate for.
God Bless you!