Monday, August 13, 2012


The weekend is now over and another work week is under way.  The weekend was about as full as it could be but it was about as wonderful as it could have been as well.  Here is a "rewind" look at the weekend past.

YOUNG AMERICANS!  Thursday night our whole family went with three other couples to the Young Americans Dinner Theater.  WOW!  I had only seen the Young Americans once and that was at their brief performance at Alpenfest.  That was good bit this was so very much better.  What a wonderful experience.  My whole family absolutely loved it.  The singing and the dancing could not have been any better.  What amazed me the most is that all 30 of the performers are doing something the entire time - even when someone else is singing.  It was almost "stimulus overload!"  At one point in the show the audience got to pick what style of song was performed next - Disco, Rock or Swing.  I was able to convince our table to unite around disco so I could hear some Bee Gee's!  They got me back, though, when I was congratulated from the stage for that day being my 48th birthday (My 48th birthday is still over 6 months away)!

WYOMING WEDDING!  This weekend I had the thrill of officiating the wedding of a wonderful couple who met as college students out in Wyoming.  The groom is from Wyoming.  I did all of their pre-marital counseling through SKYPE.  There are few things more fulfilling in ministry than  being part of seeing a godly couple who have been raised by godly parents coming together in marriage.  The groom's parents brought a nice taste of Wyoming to the wedding rehearsal luncheon and the bride and groom gave me a bottle of allergy medication to get through the reception because they knew I was allergic to country music.

GREEN CHILI!  My wife is from Pueblo, Colorado where real Mexican cooking is a specialty.  One of my favorites is her authentic green chili!  Saturday night we had a family over for this incredible meal.  And to top it off, our guests brought home-made Blackberry Cobbler!

E-FREE WORSHIP!  Usually each day during the week I get more and more excited about preaching on Sunday.  To be honest, this past week that didn't happen.  I knew that the message I would be preaching was a difficult one - not difficult to understand but difficult to swallow.  If you are not sure what I mean, read Galatians 5:19-21.  That was the passage from Sunday.  But even the passages in Scripture that are difficult to swallow are still Biblical truth and need to be taught.  During the Second Hour I was able to fill in for Pastor Jim in teaching the Sun Catcher's Class - that is always a treat!

LOONS AND THE LAKE!  Sunday evening Laura and I were invited out with two other couples for dinner and boating on one of the many lakes in our area as we watched the loons.  Since we moved to Michigan we have wanted to see a loon so this was a great experience as was the fun time afterwards eating dessert around the fire on the beach.  What a great way to end a great weekend!

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