Friday, September 28, 2007

Target Three Reinstituted

Three years ago as a church we implemented an evangelism emphasis that we called “The Road to Grace.” As part of this, we challenged every person at Grace to identify three unbelievers for what we called a “Target Three” list. Over 2,000 names were identified as people from our church committed to pray for these people daily, build bridges to them regularly, and to partner with the ministries of the church to see them come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. That one year was the biggest year of numerical increase that our church has ever seen.

This Sunday as we complete our study on Jonah we will be once again reinstituting our “Target Three” emphasis. As we close our Jonah series we will see in very dramatic fashion the theme of the entire book which is God’s love for the world. And if God loves lost people (even thsoe who lived in the evil cityof Nineveh), then so should we. So as you prepare for worship this Sunday, be thinking and praying about what three names you will want to put on your “Target Three” list. To help you formulate this list, think of the following groups of people:

· Family Members

· Friends

· Classmates

· Co-workers

· Neighbors

· Coaches

· Teachers

· Delivery Persons like your mailperson, UPS driver, etc.

· Service Persons such as waitresses, store clerks, etc.

· Bosses

· Mechanics

· Customers

· Acquaintances

· Parents of your children’s friends

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