Friday, May 11, 2007


Yesterday we looked at the 5 needs that a husband must recognize and meet in their wife as outlined in Willard Harley’s book, His Needs Her Needs. Below are the 5 needs of most every husband. Ladies, when you acknowledge and learn how to meet these needs in your husbands, you go a long ways in affair-proofing your marriage.

The first thing he can’t do without…SEXUAL FULFILLMENT

The truth is that the typical wife does not understand her husband’s sexual needs. Harley recommends that every wife make a concerted effort to overcome her sexual ignorance and begin meeting their husband’s needs as you would want your husband to meet yours.

He needs her to be his playmate…RECREATIONAL COMPANIONSHIP

A husband’s best friend must be his wife. This is easy before marriage. You may have no desire for bowling whatsoever. But if your boyfriend or fiancé likes to bowl, you have no problem being at the bowling alley 3 nights a week. And your boyfriend loves having your involvement in his recreational passions. But then after marriage, reality begins to set in and that same wife who loved going to watch her husband bowl before they were married, now stays at home while he goes to the lanes on his own. Harley suggests that a wife spend 15 hours a week participating in her husband’s recreational desires.

He needs a good-looking wife…AN ATTRACTIVE SPOUSE

If your husband did not see beauty in you, chances are that you never would have gotten married. An attractive spouse is still important to your husband. May I be honest, if you don’t care what you look like, chances are your husband won’t look at you much. One of my pet peeves is wives who get all decked out to go to the store and shop in front of a bunch of strangers but could care less what they look like when their husband comes home from work. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Who cares how the strangers at Wal-Mart see you…look good for your husband. When you look good, he feels good.

He needs peace and quiet…DOMESTIC SUPPORT

The Bible speaks clearly to the fact that a nagging wife is like a constant dripping on a tin roof. A wife who constantly nags her husband…A wife who frequently preaches at her husband…A wife who is constantly pointing out here husband’s faults and mistakes, is a wife who is failing to meet a very important need in her husband’s life.

He needs her to be proud of him…ADMIRATION

Behind every man should be an admiring wife. Men need to feel significant. They needs to feel important and needed. He needs a wife who shows that she is proud of him.

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