Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Top 50 Books That Have Shaped Evangelicals

The magazine, Christianity Today, recently published a list of the top 50 books that have shaped evangelicalism as we see it today. These are books that have altered the way American evangelicals pray, gather, talk, and reach out. As I looked over the list, these were the books that I recommend you read:

Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer (#49)

The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? by F.F. Bruce (#47)

Out of the Saltshaker and into the World by Rebecca Manley Pippert (#46)

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (#42)

Born Again by Charles W. Colson (#41)

Desiring God by John Piper (#39)

Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins (#36)

This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti (#34)

Dare to Discipline by James Dobson (#29)

The Act of Marriage by Tim and Beverly LaHaye (#28)

Know Why You Believe by Paul E. Little (#26)

The Genesis Flood by Henry M. Morrison and John C. Whitcomb (#22)

What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey (#17)

Basic Christianity by John Stott (#16)

Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell (#13)

Evangelism Explosion by D. James Kennedy (#10)

Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot (#9)

Knowing God by J.I. Packer (#5)

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (#3)

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