Thursday, March 06, 2014

Gaylord E-Free Broadcasting Ministry to begin March 23

Our purpose as a church is to MEET as many people as possible right where they are (spiritually, geographically and culturally) and help MOVE them to where God wants them to be.  As a result, we have made the focus of our vision to saturate Otsego County with the Gospel and let it bleed over into all of northern Michigan.  A major part of this vision is technology as we seek to reach every available person by every available means with the Good News.  Our technology upgrade is now complete and we are ready to begin our broadcasting ministry.  Praise the Lord!   

We have tentatively picked Sunday, March 23, as our first broadcast Sunday with our new camera system.  On that Sunday we will look to begin broadcasting live the sermon part of our Contemporary Services down to the Classic Service in the chapel.

Why are we broadcasting the sermon down to the Classic Service?  It is our desire to see our Classic Service grow in both numbers and effectiveness.  Currently the worship portion of the Classic Service is abbreviated each Sunday so that there is time for the attendees to walk from the Chapel down to the Gospel Center in time for the message.  Broadcasting the message down to the chapel will allow more time for worship in the Classic Service and it will allow for the Classic Service to flow uninterrupted.  All of this together will enhance the worship experience in the Classic Service.

What if people still want to be part of the Classic Service worship but watch the sermon in person in the Gospel Center?  There is certainly no problem if there are some who would still want to attend the worship portion of the Classic Service and then walk down to the Gospel Center in time for the message.  The only difference will be that there will not be a set time in the Classic Service when those who would like to walk down to the Gospel Center will be dismissed.
Will this broadcast be quality?  The main reason we have not yet started the broadcast is to ensure the quality.  We wanted to be sure that the quality was set before launching this phase of our vision.  Not only will the picture be high definition in quality, you will find the quality increased in that you will be watching the speaker up close rather than from a distance.

What else will this broadcast technology allow for?  Along with broadcasting down to the Chapel we will also be able in the very near future to begin doing a quality video live stream of our worship service on-line as well as having video archive of services and messages available on our church website.  Down the road we will also be able to consider expanding our broadcast ministry to television as well as satellite campuses. 

We also continue to be excited about how we see the Lord working in regards to our Radio Ministry.  Currently, along with the three services that we have here at the church each Sunday, there is also the possibility for us to share the Word of God with thousands of others each week through the following avenues:

Pastor Scott has a weekly live radio show on The Eagle 101.5FM each Wednesday morning at around 8:20 where he talks about real life from a Biblical perspective

Our 9am Contemporary Worship Service is broadcast live each Sunday morning on The Eagle 101.5FM as well as streamed live on The Eagle’s website at

Every Sunday morning at 11am our FOLKS LISTEN show is aired on The Promise FM (90.5).  This is a 30-minuted taped and edited broadcast of Pastor Scott’s past sermons.  FOLKS LISTEN can also be heard on-line at


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