Sunday, May 12, 2013

Barbie Dolls Scarred Me For Life

This morning in church I used a Barbie and Ken Doll to help me kick-off our new series on "History's Greatest Weddings."  During the first service I told a story about how I was scarred for life due to a Barbie Doll incident in my past but for some reason I failed to tell the story during the second service.  So for those of you who were second service this morning - here it is:

Like most little girls, my daughter had dozens (it seemed like hundreds) of Barbie Dolls.  She often played with them while taking a bath.  One day she took all of her Barbie Dolls into the tub with her and then put all of them, still wet, in a big tub.  A few days later my wife found the dolls which had all mildewed.  Like a good mom, she washed all the dolls with bleach to try to salvage our daughter's toys.

That night I drove home from the church where I served as a youth pastor and got the shock of my life.  I could not pull in to our driveway.  This is no exaggeration!  The entire driveway was covered with dozens (it seemed like hundreds) of naked Barbie Dolls laying on the back soaking in the rays as they dried out from their recent washing.  It scarred me for life!  And I'm sure our house was the talk at the dinner table of all of our neighbor's houses that evening.

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