Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Planning for the National Day of Prayer

This Thursday is the National Day of Prayer here in America.  I believe that nothing of eternal importance happens apart from prayer.  In my mind, prayer is striking the winning blow while service is gathering up the results.  Based on this, here is how I am planning to celebrate this special day:

On Wednesday morning, the day before the National Day of Prayer, I will make prayer the topic on my live radio show on The Eagle 101.5FM here in Gaylord, MI.  The Apostle Paul told Timothy to offer prayers for  kings and all who are in authority.  On this 10-15 minute show I will share four ways that I will be praying for those in authority over me on the National Day of Prayer.  The show usually begins around 8:20am.

I wrote an article this week for The Weekly Choice Newspaper that comes out this Thursday - the National Day of Prayer.  The article will be in the Pastor's Perspective section answering the question, "Does Prayer Work?"

Thursday morning I will meet with several other Lead Pastors in our community for sharing and prayer.  We meet the first Thursday of every month, which this month just so happens to fall on the National Day of Prayer.  We all pastor different brands of churches and have some differing views on theology, but all of us believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus is the only way to heaven.  It is a joy to pray with these men each month.

Thursday afternoon I will be attending the National Day of Prayer program at the Otsego Christian School here in Gaylord, Michigan.

Thursday evening at 5pm I will have the privilege of being part of the program for the investiture of Judge Geroge Mertz at the Otsego Club here in Gaylord.  I will be giving the benediction at the end of the program.  What a fitting thing for the National Day of Prayer.

Thursday night will end with our Life Group from church where along with a lot of fun, fellowship, food and time in the Bible, we will also spend time praying together.

So how are you planning to spend your National Day of Prayer?

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