Monday, July 12, 2010

Roof Repair Began Today

A few weeks ago, the congregation here at Grace Church approved $60,000 for a needed roof repair on the office wing of our facility. This work began today. Here is what Craig Peters, our Facility Manager, had to say about this initial work:

Looking at the above photos you can see one of the several structural “interfaces” being “set” today. You can see that the workers needed to cut through all the roofing material to be able to expose the existing structural steel so that the new roof’s load sets directly on the supporting steel. While all these interfaces will be under the new sloping roof, these openings are being sealed shut as a matter of precaution, should there be rain coming between now and when the new roof is completely finished. Similar interfaces are being placed atop the outer walls of the office area to carry the load as well."

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RV Roof Repair said...

Its been looking a lot of work to be done. I hope you 'll complete it and 'll give it the final look soon.