Thursday, March 25, 2010

Giving Away Millions

Don’t you like to daydream? I sure do. Recently as I was driving I passed one of those Powerball billboards showing the jackpot sitting at 200 million dollars. That got me thinking. What would I do if I had the ability to give millions of dollars to Grace Church? What if I somehow came across 5 million dollars that I could give to our ministry – what would I do? Before I reached my destination I had it all planned out as such:

I would give 1 million to the church general fund so that the church had some breathing room financially and could take some needed steps in the area of development such as bringing our I.T. support and technology up to snuff and taking care of some needed upgrades to our facility.

I would them give 1 million dollars to Lititz Christian School. This is a fabulous educational ministry. But to survive they have to raise $250,000 each year in fund-raising and donations. Sometimes it feels like were pulling out the couch cushions in order to find loose change so that we can meet the annual budget. I would love to be able to drop 1 million dollars in their lap in order to secure the future of our school and allow our administration to go full speed ahead in enacting their development plan to see LCS become the biggest, best Christian School around.

I would then give 2 million dollars to the Building Fund. This would allow us to completely pay off the little we owe on our current café project and still give us a good 1.5 million left over as seed money toward our next needed renovation to make an effective wing of our church for meeting and moving children and students for Jesus.

That leaves 1 million dollars. This 1 million I would give as seed money to see us be able to move forward with our 5 years vision plan in seeing a satellite campus developed. This would be a campus on a different site than our church. It would have live worship and children’s programming but the message would be a video feed from Grace Church so that both campuses were seeing and hearing the same message.

So if God dropped 5 million dollars in my lap that I could give to our church that is how I would give it. But because we serve a God who can do super abundantly in quantity more than anything we could ever ask or dream (see Ephesians 3:20), here is how I would give to the church if God dropped 10 million dollars into my lap to give away:

$2 million = Grace Church General Fund

$2 million = Lititz Christian School

$2 million = Seed Money for Satellite Campus

$4 million = Building Fund


Rick Glass said...

I think you should give me just a couple hundred grand. You and I could go out and do some "research" and "recon" for a possible satalite campus. We of course would do it between April - October and check out all cities with a MLB team and catch a game while we're "checking it out" ...just an idea. It would be ministry, you know!

Pastor Scott said...

Agreed, Rick! We will take it out of the LCS portion!!! BTW - I enjoyed spending time with you at breakfast this morning, bro. Blessings to you as you finish those last 10 classes!