Friday, October 19, 2007

Joy Distler - 12th Grade

The following article was published in the Shopping News and was written by Alicia Miklas. The subject of the article is my daughter, Joy (a.k.a. Joybells; a.k.a. Joyful):

Whether joking with a fellow classmate or encouraging an underclassman, Joy Distler is fully immersed in the lives of students at Lititz Christian School.

What she likes most about school are the people. And the people love her!

As Joy enters her fourth year at LCS, she continues to bring an atmosphere of warmth to the halls of LCS. Another favorite is AP English, "because we can eat and drink coffee everyday," says Joy.

Within school she is actively involved in many areas including choir, the school play, volleyball, and soccer. Joy has been involved in the ministry team at LCS for three years and became a member of the National Honor Society in her Junior year. In addition to improving her skills in the numerous areas with which she is involved, Joy enjoys running and hanging out with her friends. She is also involved in her church, Grace Church of Lititz, where her father pastors.

As well as being involved in her school and church, Joy has traveled to a variety of countries, including Mexico, England, and Italy. After she graduates Joy plans to go to college as an education major, where she will continue to touch the lives of the people around her with her encouraging words and loving spirit.

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