Friday, December 01, 2006

Thank You, Jodi! Welcome, Susan!

For nearly a decade now, Jodi Miller has been our Children’s Director here at Grace Church with oversight of our 1st grade through 6th grade programs. I have only known Jodi personally for a little over 2 years, but I am amazed at the job she has done with this program, especially considering that her role has only been part time. Frankly, I’m not sure you can find many churches of our size and scope that have simply a part-time person over such an important area of ministry. Jodi has done a tremendous job.

Jodi came to me a while back and talked to me about her being convinced that it was time for her to re-direct her labors of love here at Grace Church. If you have had children in our children’s ministry over the past several years, then you know how valuable Jodi has been to our church. We are very thankful for Jodi and the ministry that she has had and we are very excited that Jodi will remain part of our team here at Grace Church by filling a part-time support help position in the church office.

As we say “thank you” to Jodi, I am also excited to announce that Susan Auld will be taking on our Children’s Director Role beginning today, December 1st. Susan will start in a part-time role for the month of December and then move to a full-time basis after the first of the year. Susan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Bible, both from Philadelphia Bible University where she graduated in 1994. She has a lot of experience in teaching and holds a Teaching Certificate for kindergarten through eighth grade with the Association of Christian Schools International. She also has her state teaching certificate.

Susan is married to her husband, Tim, who is on staff at Lancaster Bible College and they have two children, Joshua (age 9) and Emma (age 6), both of whom attend Lititz Christian School. Before coming to Lancaster Bible College, her husband was a pastor up in Canada, which also gives Susan very valuable experience in local church ministry. Tim is now the Assistant Director of Degree Completion at LBC and also teaches several classes including one on evangelism.

Susan was raised in a Christian family in Altoona, PA, where she was taught the basics of the Gospel and gave her heart to the Lord at the age of four. She began serving in local church children’s ministry while in Junior and Senior High School. It was during this time that Susan developed her love for children and for teaching.

I am very excited about the enthusiasm, energy, dreams and vision that Susan brings to our Children’s Ministry. She will be working closely with Beth Kachel, who is our part-time Director of Early Childhood Ministries. Beth continues to do an outstanding job in leading our nursery through kindergarten. She will now be working under Susan and I believe that the two of them will make a great team.

A heart that is warm toward God is a heart that is warm toward children, so please be praying for Susan, Beth and Jodi as these transitions take place.

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