Tuesday, July 11, 2006

10 things Pastors want staff members to know

Recently I was challenged to think about what the top 10 things a Senior Pastor would want their church staff to know and remember. I found it very difficult to limit the list to only 10 things, but here is what I came up with:

1. The most important aspect of your job description is to pray for our overall ministry. Nothing of eternal importance happens apart from prayer.

2. It’s not just about your area of ministry…it’s about the ministry of the church as a whole. Sometimes one area has to sacrifice for the betterment of the organization.

3. Even if we disagree in private, you must be a sold-out cheerleader in public. You should take personal responsibility to be sure that those under your ministry and under your influence are fired up, not just about their area of ministry, but about all areas of ministry within the church.

4. Never do “just enough.” Always go the “extra mile.” As my High School band director use to say, “Just because it is Christian does not mean we have to settle for being mediocre. Shoot for excellence in everything you do.”

5. If you don’t keep me informed, I can’t protect you. I don’t expect nor do I want you to do everything the way I would do it. Be sure you are communicating with me so that if someone shares a concern about what you are doing, I am not blind-sided.

6. To be effective in your ministry inside the church, you must be building bridges outside of the church to people who do not know the Lord. From the janitor to the pastor, evangelism must be the engine that drives the church.

7. One bad attitude can bring down the whole team. Paul tells us in the book of Philippians to do all things without grumbling and complaining. Paul tells the Colossians to do all that they do heartily as to the Lord.

8. You can’t rely on written announcements to fill needs…you must be creative in recruiting workers and filling holes. Please don’t come to me telling me how no one in our church cares enough to be involved when all you have done to get people involved is put a note in the bulletin. Never underestimate the “power of the ask.”

9. Though ministry is often tough, I need you to have fun. If you don’t enjoy your job and ministry…get out.

10. Don’t let any ministry go unchanged for long periods of time. No ministry is meant to be done the same way permanently. Be willing to reinvent long-term ministries or even end some ministries to make way for even more effective ministries.

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